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My flight/Milan


Okay so I’m sitting in my bed at my apartment in Milan. It’s about 10:15 at night and I’m honestly so surprised I’ve managed to stay up this late….

My flight from Miami to JFK was so smooth but my flight from JFK to Milan… complete opposite. I don’t think I have ever been so scared in my entire life. So about 5 hours into the flight we started hitting turbulence. Most of the plane was asleep except about two handfuls because we were just given the curse of not being able to sleep on planes. Anyways, it started coming in patterns. And they weren’t just little, they shook the entire plane to the point where the food trays on the cart were falling out. So the pilot decided to descend plane from 23,000 to 20,000 in hopes of avoiding it altogether. We were just off the coast of France, and that’s when EVERYONE woke up. The plane literally felt like it was going to do a complete 360. It was like that for probably two minutes but it felt like so much longer. You could hear little bursts of screams and everyones faces were kind of nervous looking. Finally, after making it into a smooth sailing zone, the pilot came on intercom and said “Kind of regretted that descend there. In trying to avoid turbulence, we descended from 23,000 to 20,000 which was a 70 velocity difference…” No idea what that means but I was just happy everything was going to be okay. 

Yeah, let’s just say I was extremely happy to get off that plane lol. 

I’m staying in a different apartment than I was last time and it’s total opposite! My other apartment was very ‘Italian’ in the sense that it wasn’t really updated, but it had a lot of room. My current one is an apartment I could see in NYC. Very modern. Everything is white. The stove is touch screen and the doors to close the bedrooms look like cheese graters. It’s still two stories. A spiral staircase off the living room leads you to the landing,  but its more of a bedroom than an actual place to go up and visit. 

It’s very cool! It’s going to take me a few days to get used to my surroundings since I’m at the completely opposite end of where I stayed last time. 

So yeah. That was pretty much my crazy day of traveling. It’s weird thinking that it’s already been a day since I’ve been home. It seems like I’ve only been gone a few hours. 

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